Implementing Ethnic Policy Helps Building the Great National Unity of the Communist Party and State of Vietnam (28/07/2023)

The article focuses on successes and limitations in implementing ethnic policies in Vietnam in the period 2011-2020. Thereby, some viewpoints and solutions are proposed to help build great national unity in the coming time.
Author: Nguyen Van Minh

The Ideal Moral Model in French Enlightenment Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century (28/07/2023)

The 18th century French Enlightenment philosophy was imbued with the spirit of freedom and equality as fundamental ethical themes. Freedom of mind and body has created a strong impetus for rational thinking, enlightened ideals, and a spirit of tolerance. These basic themes make it possible to see the ideal moral model of the Enlightenment because they embody the ultimate good. The paper analyzes the basic topics of ethics in the French Enlightenment period; thereby drawing its values and limitations for the development of the history of moral thought.
Author: Do Thi Thuy Trang

Viewpoints of the Communist Party of Vietnam on Innovation (28/07/2023)

Innovation is considered as a new motive force for rapid and sustainable development. This issue is also an important force for economic development in Vietnam in order to achieve the goal of “becoming a developed, socialist-oriented country by the middle of the twenty-first century”. Facing the demands of the current Industrial Revolution 4.0, the application of science, technology and innovation for economic development is an urgent requirement. The article will provide some guiding views of the Communist Party of Vietnam on innovation and some solutions to promote innovation in the spirit of the Party’s Resolution in the coming time.
Author: Tran Nguyen My Linh, Nguyen Thi Ho Diep

Reviving Vietnam’s Tourism Industry after the Covid-19 Pandemic (28/07/2023)

Tourism has great potential for economic development and has contributed greatly to Vietnam's economic growth in recent years. However, the tourism industry which was heavily affected by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic from the beginning of 2020 until now has begun to show strong signs of recovery after the pandemic has been controlled and Vietnam reopened the country. The article analyzes the situation of Vietnam's tourism industry under the impact of the pandemic in the past time and recent signs of recovery. It thereby proposes some recommendations for a strong revival shortly including the implementation of tax incentives, the development of new tourism trends, a plan to recover the tourism sector in the short and long term, and enhancing digital transformation in the tourism sector.
Author: Le Van Tuyen

Social Assistance Activities for the Lonely Elderly in Hanoi City (28/07/2023)

An attempt to implement the goal of leaving no one behind, in recent years, Hanoi has devoted tremendous resources to ensuring social security for disadvantaged groups. Hanoi has also promulgated specific social policies to help those with extremely difficult circumstances, including lonely older people. Based on the results of in-depth interviews in Tan Lap commune, Dan Phuong district and Nghia Tan ward, Cau Giay district, the article sheds light on the social assistance for the lonely older people living in Hanoi and clarifies the related problems.
Author: Ho Ngoc Cham

Trinh Can and His Poetic Collection “Ngự đề Thiên Hòa doanh bách vịnh” (28/07/2023)

During the period of literary development in the Lê - Trịnh dynasties, Lord Trịnh Căn made a remarkable contribution with his collection of poems entitled “Ngự đề Thiên Hòa doanh bách vịnh”. This paper overviews Trịnh Căn’s life and works. Besides, it introduces the process of collecting and researching Trịnh Căn’s works (focusing on the collection “Ngự đề Thiên Hòa doanh bách vịnh”) as well as proposes some comments on the values of his works.
Author: Nguyen Manh Hoang

Smartphone Addiction among Japanese Youth Today (28/07/2023)

The evolution of electronic devices entails the widespread use of smartphones, especially among young Japanese. Along with the convenience that smartphones bring, there are such consequences as smartphone addiction which has become a social problem. The article refers to the current situation of smartphone addiction among Japanese youth, which negatively affects several aspects of individuals and society. In that context, Japan has issued some policies and solutions to limit this matter and has initially achieved certain results. The experience of Japan is a good lesson for other countries in Asia, including Vietnam, where cell phone addiction among young people is increasingly alarming.
Author: Nguyen Thi Chau