Social Security of Vietnam in Period of Renewal (02/07/2013)

The article related to the following topics: - Theoretical and inner foundation of the ‘social security’ concept and key parts that compress the system of social security policies. - Analysis and evaluation of Vietnam’s social security after 25 years of Renewal, including: changes in view points, methods as well as policies of Vietnamese Communist Party and State; achievements and limitations when implementing social security. - And, recommendations and solutions up to 2015.
Author: Prof.Dr. Pham Xuan Nam

New Points in the 3rd Edition of the Collection of Works on President Ho Chi Minh (02/07/2013)

After 7 years (2004-8/2011) of collecting, verifying, evaluating, editing and completing, the 3rd edition of the collection of books on President Ho Chi Minh includes 15 volumes was published and widely issued all over the country. The collection has more than 3,300 important compositions, of which new 800 documents written by President between 1912 and 1969 have been added. By absorbing the experiences as well as achievements of two previous edition, this collection of books has become an useful tool for scientists, researchers, and interested readers to cite, learn and do research on the life and thoughts of President Ho Chi Minh.
Author: Nguyen Van Chung

Cultural Impacts on Strikes in Foreign Invested Enterprises in Vietnam (Korean Enterprises Case) (02/07/2013)

There is a dramatically increasing trend of strikes in foreign invested enterprises in Vietnam recently. Will salary and the characteristic of jobs be key factors leading to strikes? In fact, some enterprises have never faced any strikes even paying same level of salary and doing in the same industry. Hence, are there any other hidden reasons besides financial factor? After doing researches, it is cultural difference leading to strikes besides above reasons. The article is about reviews concluded after 2 years of doing researches in 133 Korean invested enterprises in Vietnam to clarify the implied issues. Researches were carried on at places as Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi, and Dong Nai. - Cultural impacts on related sides’ expectation on working relationship. - Cultural impacts on how to access conflicts - Cultural impacts on communication in working relationship - Cultural impacts on leadership style - Cultural impacts on solutions to conflicts - Cultural impacts on strike timing.
Author: Associate Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hoang Anh