True Value of Marxism and Marxist Philosophy in the Modern World (02/08/2013)

The practice of history once again showed that the Marxism itself and the Marxist Philosophy will not be come to an end due to its revolutionary and scientific characteristics. It will even long last with human in the 21st century when the true values of Marxism has been admited by many famous scholarists. As a result, Marxism’s theoritical inheritance has become the property of human forever. The article described and analyzed some Western scholarists’ evaluation on the affect of Marxism and the summary of some international Marxist workshops. It, hence, listed out important ideas about the new face of modern Marxist philosophy as well as pointed out its role in the modern world.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoan

Human Resource Development - Key Factor to Improve the Training Quality in Vietnamese Universities Today (02/08/2013)

The quality of teaching staff at unversitites plays an important role in buidling the fame and quality of those schools. It is also a core condition in ranking universities around the world. Consequently, the human resource development has not only needed to focus on the ability of teaching staff, but also the flexibility of how to improve those capabilites which help to achieve the developing strategy of universities. On the basic of practical documents, author has analyzed and clarified requirements of Vietnamese universities which need to be done to improve the education quality.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Vo Van Thang

Sexual Inequality of Income: Approaching from Educational Investment in Human Resources (02/08/2013)

Social inequality is a globally popular phenomenom at different level and scale. By approaching from the idea of educational investment in human resources to explain the sources as well as the reason of this inequality in income, the article has analyzed and discussed within 2 following topics: - Theory of educational investment in human resources - Sexual inequality of income and human resources.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Hoang Ba Thinh