Solidarity, Commitment, Responsibility Sharing, Good Fulfillment of Information-Library Tasks in New Situation (18/05/2015)

On 8/5/2015, at headquarter of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Social Sciences Information organized 40th anniversary celebration of founding (8/5/1975 - 8/5/2015). Attending the Celebration, Prof. and Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of Party Committee, the President of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences congratulated the 40 years of achievements of Institute of Social Sciences Information and gave long-term strategic directions for the Institute in the future. Journal of Social Sciences Information are pleased to introduce to readers.
Author: Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang

Information on 4 New Things in Social Sciences (18/05/2015)

It is important to re-recognize the theoretical basis of scientific information and its role in the development of modern sciences including natural sciences, technological sciences, social sciences and humanities. Information on 4 new things in social sciences, including new achievement, new argument, new direction and new method, has been identified as the basic task of social sciences information in our country as well as the task of Institute of Social Sciences Information. The article confirms the role of social sciences information in scientific activities, based on which it proposes 3 issues to focus on in scientific information work in general and scientific information work of Institute of Social Sciences Information in particular in the future, namely: building and improving the system of automatic information retrieval, enhancing summarization activities, emphasizing on the special role of overviewing.
Author: Associate Prof. Pham Khiem Ich

Agricultural Development in Vietnam and some Current Issues (18/05/2015)

During the years of implementing renewal guidelines, guidelines and policies on agricultural development in Vietnam have made fundamental changes. The resources of agricultural production have been liberated strongly, agriculture has made great achievements. However, the actual development of agriculture in Vietnam has emerged many complex issues which require to be solved. The article generalizes the agricultural development in Vietnam before and after Renewal period, especially the timely guidelines, policies of the Party and the State in the agricultural development of the country, and identifies a number of issues arising in the current period.
Author: Dr. Nguyen Thi Hoai