Learning about Edgar Morin’s Ethics (22/05/2016)

With the approach of complexity science, Edgar Morin argues the reasons and the expected consequences of the ethical crisics resulting from the perception incompetence in understanding the complexity of reality. At the same time, he points out the necessary of establishing a new view on ethics - complex ethics, the ethics of combination - a system of viewpoints on the basis and the reasons of morality. This approach plays an important role in perceiving and resolving the new ethical issues practically and theoritically emerging in current times.
Author: Dr. Le Van Tung, Nguyen Vinh Phong

The Role of some Secondary Subjects in Current China Foreign Policy Making and Implementing (22/05/2016)

The mechanism of foreign policy making and implementing has been fairly complicated and multidimensionally unfolded in China recently. Many Western scholars believed that the “totalitarian” nature of the Chinese socio-political regime keeps the decisions in foreign affairs remaining constantly top-down order. However, the polical system in China today is much different in comparison with the begining of the reform. The country is still a “totalitarianism” under the total leadership of the Communist Party of China. But being impacted by decentralized trend and the decentralization of the political power, the process of making political decision in general and foreign policy in particular in China reflects the many indispensable changes in political life in the XXI century.
Author: Dr. Tran Tho Quang

School Violence in Vietnam Today: The Reflecting in Online Newspapers (22/05/2016)

According to Phan Mai Huong, “School violence is a term denoting the brutal acts occuring in the school environment. This term includes a series of brutal acts at different levels from non-verbal to verbal, from the simple to inimical, provoking, devastating, harming or even damaging acts that affect other individuals”. This article synthetizes, systemizes the researching results, judgements and contributed ideas by specialists, scholars relating to the school violence in Vietnam. The information source in the article has been collected through investigating the posts in online newspapers for the past 5 years.
Author: MA. Bui Thi Hong