The Relationship of Educational Thought and Life Style (02/07/2013)

end of 1990s at the level of primary schools and gradually been processed to the level of high schools. This educational reformation has pointed out the limitations of educational thought in building the renewal strategy in spite of success, failure or experiences achieved during the progress. The article has reviewed the most basic theories of educational concept, educational thought as well as the relationship of educational thought and life style so that creating new awareness which are the foundation of educational pathway on the basis of the national development target.
Author: Ass.Prof.Dr. Le Thi Lan and MA. Do Viet Ha

The System of Social Classification in Vietnam Today (Based on the Surveys on Vietnamese Household's Living Standards in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008) (02/07/2013)

The book is a viewpoint of Vietnamese social sciences in the aspect of social stratification based on the theoretical thought of Vietnamese social classes today. With 3 chapters, the book has focused on following main concepts: - Chapter I is the figures and research methodologies; - Chapter II analyzed the facts as well as the changing trends of the system of social classification in Vietnam; - Chapter III contains the conclusions and some fundamental issues of the system of social classification in Vietnam today.
Author: Introduced the same title book written by Do Thien Kinh, Social Sciences Publisher, 2012

The Role of Media in Guaranteeing and Promoting the Rights to Information of People in Vietnam (02/07/2013)

The right to information is the fundamental rights of human beings, protected by the Constitution and law. In these information channels, press information plays an irreplaceable role. Author discussed about the following basic issues in this article: - Understanding the function of information of the media and the guarantee of the people’s right to information; - Systematizing the contents of press information and the people’s requirement of fundamental information; - Analyzing the issues in relation to the guarantee of the people’s right to information through the media.
Author: Dr. Do Chi Nghia