The Process of Posessing and Exercising Sovereignty of Vietnam Over the Paracel and Spratly Islands - True, Uninterrupted, Peaceful and Transparent (20/07/2014)

Sovereignty of Vietnam over the Paracel and Spratly Islands was early applied by the Vietnamese feudal dynasties. This fact was most obvious in the beginning of the 17th century and lasted until the year of 1932, when the France officially inherited this right and continued to execute the sovereignty over these two archipelagos on behalf of Vietnam. In the Second World War, these two archipelagos were occupied illegally by Japan. But in the 1951 San Francisco Conference, the sovereignty of Vietnam over the Paracel and Spratly Islands was solemnly affirmed by the representative of Vietnam government and was confirmed by the international community in the San Francisco Peace Treaty signed on 8th September 1951. In 1956, the People’s Republic of China occupied illegally the Woody Island (Vietnamese name: Phu Lam) belonging to Paracel Islands. In 1974, the PRC attacked and occupied the whole Paracel Islands. In 1988, PRC again attacked and occupied three reeves of Spratly Islands. However, thanks to the animus insurance, the sovereignty of Vietnam over these two archipelagos was not discontinued. Since the 17th century, by various effective ways in political, military, law-abiding, economic and cultural aspects, the process of possessing and exercising sovereignty of Vietnam over the Paracel and Spratly Islands has been developed actually (truly), uninterruptedly, peacefully and transparently.
Author: Prof. Dr. Ho Si Quy

Trending of the Impacts of Demographic Factors on the Acceptance of Public Towards Journalism (20/07/2014)

Press public is a fundamental part of press theory in general and the advocacy journalism specifically. Public is the unlimited sources of topics and journalists. They are also those who will consume these publications as the foundation of maintaining the existence of journalism activities. Hence, the acceptance of public towards journalism has become the priority of not only journalism units but also researchers and management of public media. In order to figure out the answer for such questions as: Is Vietnamese public a homogenous or classified group? Which demographic factors do have influences on the acceptance of public toward journalism? Which factor is the most important one? Is there any differences between public groups belonged to four different types of publication? This article will apply the empirical evidences from research results done in 2012 and 2013 to define, analyze and describe factors impacting on the acceptance of public towards journalism today. Also the article will point out the trending shift in the future.
Author: MA. Le Thu Ha

About the Shellac Disc Collection Stored in the Social Sciences Library and Some Recommendation Related to the Preservation and Exploitation (20/07/2014)

The Social Sciences Library has now stored the shellac disc CD collection with diversified contents of both music categories and some other topics as religion, politics, linguistic and art so on. The number of album is not large but enough to enrich the resources of library. Based on the practical surveys and researches on these shellac disc collections, authors have introduced the unique features of the collection as well as provided some recommendation to improve the quality of preservation, exploitation and the value of these collections in current conditions of the Social Sciences Library.
Author: MA. Tran Thi Kieu Nga and MA. Nguyen Le Phuong Hoai