Reform Trends in Regulating Mechanism of the Government in Developed Countries Today (14/06/2016)

Each era has a managing pattern for the government that is appropriate and compatible to the requirement of that era. Studying the reform in regulating mechanism of the government in developed countries within the context of globalization, informatization, democratization, knowledgization indicates that the renovating measures are well expressed from the mechanisms of decision-making, responsibility to the apparatuses of co-ordination, of government efficiency evaluation and of social participation. This article generalizes main trends in government regulating in a certain number of developed countries today such as the USA, Japan, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada.
Author: Dr. Nguyen Trong Binh

The Contradictions of Strengthening the Aesthetic Needs in Arts and Literature in Vietnam Today and Recommendations (14/06/2016)

Increasing the aesthetic needs in arts and literature is a great policy of the Party and our State towards a higher spiritual living quality for people aiming at comprehensive human development. The article points out four main contradictions confronting the process of attaining these targets. They are the contradiction between the tradition and the modern, the self and the ego, the entertainment features and the artistic, between the goal of increasing the aesthetic needs for people and the real situation of art and literature management. For these reasons, some measures are proposed to overcome the contradictions aiming at the realization of the policy for increasing the aesthetic needs of arts and literature in the real life that makes aesthetic culture more endosmotic into all aspects of the social life.
Author: Dr. Le Huong

Some Theoretical Viewpoints on the Sociology of Law and Researching Orientations in Vietnam (14/06/2016)

Sociology of Law has been recognized as a science in the world in the middle of the XX century and penetrated in Vietnam far later on. Although Sociology of Law is now instructed in some tertiary education institutions in Vietnam and drawn the attention of some researchers and law practitioners, but general speaking, there are vagueness and argument about the following issues: The concept, theory, methodology, object and researching approaches… Basing on the investigation of theoretical viewpoints of outstanding theorists, this article analyzes, synthetizes and proposes suggestions to apply these viewpoints in reality of law researching and practising in Vietnam.
Author: Dr. Pham Minh Anh