India’s South Asia Policy under Prime Minister Narendra Modi (2014-2019) from a Security Perspective (28/07/2022)

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, India has been concerned about the rise of China, especially its involvement in South Asia. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his first term, formulated a new South Asia policy associated with the “Neighborhood first policy” in the context of a strategic competition between India and China which has gradually been unfolding in this region. On that basis, the article analyzes India’s new South Asia policy under Prime Minister Modi in the context of China’s growing involvement in South Asia and clarifies the process of implementing this policy during his first term mainly from a security perspective.
Author: Tran Nam Tien

Measuring Sustainable Economic Development: International Experience and Lessons for Vietnam (28/07/2022)

The article examines practical experience in building indicators to measure sustainable economic development by international organizations based on three prominent approaches including the OECD’s green growth model approach, the WB’s progress approach to the implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs), and the BCG’s welfare approach. While these sets of indicators all link economic factor to social and environmental issues, they have distinct approaches depending on the economic development goals that each organization aims at. The research results help to generalize the fundamental commonality in building a framework and indicators for measuring sustainable economic development and draw some lessons learnt in building a set of sustainable economic development indicators for Vietnam in a new context.
Author: Le Van Hung, Vu Ngoc Quyen

Public Private Partnership in Education in Vietnam Today (28/07/2022)

Public private partnership in education is an inevitable trend in the current globalization context and especially in the context of a knowledge-based economy like in Vietnam. Although public private partnership contributes to providing a high-quality workforce, meeting the needs of the market, helping to improve the position of training institutions in Vietnam, but it has not been paid enough attention. The main reason is said to be that the legal basis for the education sector is still limited due to the lack of micro policies. In addition, the lack of orientation on a long-term training strategy and the consistency in cooperation between training institutions and businesses are key issues that prevent public private partnerships from being successful work as expected.
Author: Nguyen Thanh Thuy

Suicide Phenomenon among Vietnamese Students Today (28/07/2022)

In recent times, student suicide phenomenon has become increasingly common which raises the alarm over a global issue. In Vietnam, although detailed and complete statistics on suicide in general and student suicide in particular have not been made, the painful reality has been widely discussed during these times. Student suicides tend to increase which lead to more stress and anxiety in families, schools and the whole society. Mainly based on secondary sources on official online newspapers, the article indicates the situation of suicide among Vietnam students over the past 10 years, its reasons and signs of suicidal behavior, as well as appropriate solutions to control this problem.
Author: Bui Thi Hong

The Role of Lady Thien Hau (Mazu) in the Spiritual Life of the Chinese Community in Dong Nai Province (28/07/2022)

Lady Thien Hau (天后, Tian Hou) belief has long become a distinctive feature in the spiritual life of the ethnic Chinese community in Vietnam and many countries around the world. Compared to other gods in the Chinese anthropomorphic system, Lady Thien Hau is a sacred, multi-functional and universal deity. From a guardian deity for seafarers, Lady Thien Hau has gradually become a god of fortune in the spiritual life of Chinese community in general and Chinese residents in Dong Nai province in particular. Based on survey results, the paper clarifies the introduction of Lady Thien Hau beliefs into Dong Nai province, the role of Lady Thien Hau belief in the spiritual life of the Chinese community therein, from which it draws out the unique characteristics of Lady Thien Hau belief in this locality.
Author: Ngo Thi Huyen, Nguyen Thi Hoang Oanh

Nguyen Ai Quoc’s Vision in the Colonial Union (28/07/2022)

Adopting the Resolution of the Communist International and V. Lenin’s Draft Theses on National and Colonial Questions (July 1920) and the French Communist Party’s support, Nguyen Ai Quoc co-founded the Colonial Union in Paris (France) with some of his fellows from Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco… By virtue of his independent thinking, self-control, creativity and foresight of the development of the proletariat revolution, he made crucial predictions about the idea of class alliance, the role of revolutionary theory, the power of the press, the idea of gathering and uniting forces against imperialism, and the endogenous capabilities and strength of the colonial countries in the Colonial Union.
Author: Nguyen Huy Dai

Factors Affecting the Decision on University Choice for High School Students in Vietnam (28/07/2022)

Choosing a university is always among major decisions in every student’s life. The paper presents the survey results on the factors affecting the decision on university choice of high school students. The results obtained by the linear regression method indicate that (i) orientation by influential individuals, and (ii) method of enrollment are two factors that most affect the decision of high school students in Vietnam. Against this background, the paper proposes solutions as well as orientations to enhance the university enrollment efficiency in Vietnam.
Author: Bui Dang Thanh