Roles and Potentials of Hmong Women for Cultural and Social Development - A Case Study in Ha Giang Province (25/08/2023)

In a traditional Hmong family, women deal with many disadvantages and hardship as men are always decision makers in every household issue. Born to be hardworking, diligent, skillful and resilient, Hmong women are the embodiment of good values of the ethnic culture. In the contemporary context of social development and cultural interference, they are increasingly aware of their position and contribution to the cultural and social development of Hmong ethnic group. The article provides another perspective on the potentials of Hmong women based on a field research in Ha Giang province, where many Hmong ethnic people have long lived.
Author: Pham Van Duong

Preserving and Developing Traditional Crafts Associated with Tourism in Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark: Current Situation and Challenges (25/08/2023)

The article overviews the current situation and challenges in preserving and developing traditional handicrafts associated with tourism in six craft villages in Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark which include blacksmithing (Pac Rang hamlet), incense making (Doan Ket hamlet), bản paper making (Dia Tren hamlet, Phuc Sen commune, Quang Hoa district), sugarcane making (Residential Unit 3, Hoa Thuan town, Quang Hoa district), brocade weaving (Luong Noi village, Ngoc Dao commune, Ha Quang district), and vermicelli making (Phia Den hamlet, Thanh Cong commune, Nguyen Binh district). Against this background, some solutions are proposed to enhance this work therein.
Author: Nguyen Thi Tam

Some Urgent Issues in the Development of Science and Technology in Vietnam Today (25/08/2023)

Science and technology have now become productive forces directly involved in the production process. The development of science and technology contributes to accelerating industrialization and modernization of the country, ensuring national defense and security, and improving the quality of people’s material and spiritual life. Along with the socio-economic development strategy, Vietnam has also developed a strategy for science and technology. This article analyzes three scientific and technological issues that can be considered urgent today in Vietnam, including: (i) Protection of intellectual property rights; (ii) Innovative startup ecosystem; and (iii) Exploitation and use of rare earth resources. Based on the relevant international context, the article draws some policy implications for Vietnam to promote the development of science and technology.
Author: Nguyen Minh Tuan, Pham Thi Hieu

Resolving the Relationship between Socio-economic Issues and Defense, Security and Foreign Affairs of Vietnam in the Current Context (25/08/2023)

Building and safeguarding the Fatherland as a sacred mission are the two fundamental strategic tasks that are closely interrelated and dialectical throughout the history of nation-building and defense of Vietnam. They manifest in the core relationship between socio-economic development, consolidating and strengthening national defense and security, as well as protecting and defending the independence, sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity. These issues are normative for the existence and development of the country, which is highly and profoundly perceived, demonstrated, and emphasized in the revolutionary cause under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam in the current context. The paper analyzes the development of theoretical awareness, the Party’s viewpoints, practical issues, and solutions to promote the nexus between the current socioeconomic development and national defense, security, and foreign affairs in Vietnam.
Author: Nguyen Duy Nhien

Changes in U.S. Foreign Policy toward Russia since the Russia-Ukraine Conflict (25/08/2023)

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, U.S foreign policy toward Russia was a combination of elements of principled pragmatism, selective engagement and a restraint policy. Under the Biden administration, he continues to implement policies from the previous decade, to address long-standing and new challenges. However, in February 2022, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, the central goal of US foreign policy is to contain Russia. The US oriented and pressured allies and partners to implement sanctions against Moscow.
Author: Doan Thi Quy, Tran Thi Thanh

Social Support of Religious Institutions for Older Adults from Difficult Families in Vietnam today: Situation and Challenges (25/08/2023)

The paper studies the current situation and challenges faced by the Buddhist and Catholic religious organizations in providing social support for older adults from difficult families in Vietnam. A literature review and the analysis result of secondary data and their website content indicate that there are three primary forms of social support provided by religious organizations as follows: healthcare services for older adults, the establishment of social support facilities, and social assistance for older adults in the community. Among these, social support facilities have acquired some characteristics of social work activities. The paper also identifies challenges and proposes recommendations for religious organizations in offering social support for older adults in Vietnam today.
Author: Hoang Thu Huong

Reading Habit of Foreign Trade University Students - Influential Factors and Recommendations (25/08/2023)

Reading habits have a direct impact on students' academic performance and thinking development. Based on survey results at three campuses of Foreign Trade University, the paper explores the university students’ reading habits and influential factors. Some preliminary findings show that the shift from traditional paper books to e-books has influenced this habit. Thereby, some recommendations are given to encourage students to read books, contributing to enhance their reading habits.
Author: Nguyen Hoang Anh, Vi Thanh Tuan, Luong Hien Minh, Nguyen Luong Hai Anh, Nguyen Ha My, Nguyen Thu Nguyet