Immanuel Wallerstein on Modern World - Systems Theory and Core - Peripheral Theory (19/08/2014)

The Modern World - Systems Theory in which Core - Peripheral Theory plays a role of major approaching method to explore the real relationships which have created the world today. It is one of the most massive theories on social sciences in the 21st century. And Wallerstein, who is the famous American socilogist, developed this theory. The Modern World - Systems Theory was described, analyzed and evaluated in the book “Modern World - Systems” with total 4 volumes. In the book, the world-systems theory is linked with the Core and Peripheral theory, hence, this book is normally called as “Core - Peripheral Thoery”. Dicussing about the approach method, there is many people have misunderstood the system of Bertalanfly and Wallerstein in Vietnam. “Core and Peripheral theory” is in the same case because these concepts are not totally considered as concepts of “Core - Peripheral” which was used by Wallerstein as a tool concept in his Modern World - Systems Theory. This article is expected to improve the above situation.
Author: Prof. Dr. Ho Si Quy

From Positivist Spirit and Complex Thoughts to the System Approach (Contributions to Researches on History of Sciences and Technology) (19/08/2014)

Each progress of human is considered as the progress of sciences and technology in a specific time with its biggest connotation. And the general trend is to develop higher, more completed in order to explain objects, phenomenum and the format trending which is suitable with the practice in future. In the perspective of theory research, the article has reviewed the development history of sciences and technolgy through evaluation and studies about the development of scientific theories and ideas (case of positivist spirit, complex thoughts and system theory).
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thua Hy and Dr. Nguyen Manh Dung

The Economic Relationship of Unnited States and Vietnam in Two Recent Decades (19/08/2014)

United States and Vietnam has officially set up the diplomatic relations since 1995. After two decades, the bilateral collaboration betwen United States and Vietnam has had a fast development in both scope and speed in many fields. The article is an overview of the economic relationship between two countries in the field of commerce and investment over the periods after the normalization. It is also the foundation for author to offer some comments about the existing difficulties which need to be sort out for the improvement of economic relationship between United States and Vietnam in next periods.
Author: MA. Ngo Phuong Anh