Regularity of Some Issues in Building the Communist Party of Vietnam (24/08/2020)

The article clarifies the following issues: i) Constantly building and regulating the Party as its rule of existence and development; ii) The regularity in building the Communist Party of Vietnam; iii) Current situation of building the Communist Party of Vietnam; iv) Maintaining a greater emphasis on Party building.
Author: Nguyen Viet Thong

Building the Political Ideology of the Ruling Party in Capitalist Countries Today (24/08/2020)

The political ideology, as the core ideological foundation and the “soul” of the ruling party, plays a particularly important role that governs the overall operations of the ruling party and is also a key factor in strengthening its ruling position. Therefore, anchoring and promoting political ideology for any ruling party is an end in itself and one of the significant aspects of party building. In the context that Vietnam is preserving the Party’s ideological foundation, struggling to oppose wrong and hostile views under the Politburo’s Resolution No. 35-NQ-TW dated 22 October 2018, the ideological enhancement experience in some capitalist countries have offered certain reference values.
Author: Nguyen Trong Binh

Yuval Noah Harari’s Thoughts on Labor and Employment in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (24/08/2020)

The trilogy books of Yuval Noah Harari including “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” (2014), “Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow” (2016) and “21 Lessons for the Twenty-first Century” (2018) give an overview of human history and thereby make a prediction of the future of humans in a digital age. The paper analyzes a small aspect of his prediction of labor and employment issues in the age of artificial intelligence including the disappearance of traditional jobs and the creation of new ones, the birth of a useless class, the increased inequality and intense social and political upheaval.
Author: Nguyen Van Hanh

Soft Power in Modi Government’s Foreign Policy (24/08/2020)

As Prime Minister of India since 2014, Narendra Modi has made crucial adjustments in India’s foreign policy, in which soft power resources have become an essential foreign policy tool. Through traditional cultural values, India seeks to connect people in South and East Asia, while extending its influence throughout the world; thereby making herself a new great power in the international arena. The paper focuses on the awareness of soft power in India’s foreign policy and the deployment of Indian traditional soft power resources (including Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism) in the Modi government’s foreign affairs with initial assessments.
Author: Tran Nam Tien

Current Situation of the Worship of Mother Goddesses in Thanh Hoa Province Today (24/08/2020)

The worship of Mother Goddesses has been developing, especially since Practices related to the Viet beliefs in the Mother Goddesses of Three Realms was recognized by UNESCO as a representative intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Many shrines have been opened, temples and palaces have been renovated, and the “Lên đồng” (spirit mediumship) rituals have been in full bloom. Besides positive factors, there remain negative ones including mismatching, modernizing and profiteering rituals. Based on the 2019-2020 anthropological fieldwork, the paper clarifies the current practice of worshipping Mother Goddesses of Three Realms in Thanh Hoa province in contemporary society.
Author: Vu Hong Thuat

Contraceptive Use Among Women of Reproductive Age in the Central Highlands Today (24/08/2020)

Intrauterine device (IUD) insertion and oral contraceptives are the two most commonly used contraceptive methods in the Central Highlands region, while condom - supposedly the safest method, is rarely considered. There are differences between women’s age and educational attainment groups regarding the use of traditional and modern contraceptives. Besides, such other factors as ethnicity, religion, and the number of existing children, also influence their choice of contraception during the marriage lives. Based on the data of Vietnam Population Change and Family Planning Survey 2018 of General Statistics Office, the paper analyzes the current situation and some impacting factors among women of reproductive age in the Central Highlands; thereby, offers some policy recommendations for the effective implementation of the fertility reduction in the Central Highlands to 2030.
Author: Nguyen Quang Tuan, Ngo Thi Cham

Revolutionary Press in Tonkin in the Period of 1939-1945 (24/08/2020)

In the context of rapid international and domestic changes in the period of 1939-1945, the French authorities in Indochina and the Nguyen Dynasty imposed several policies to restrict the revolutionary press. The Indochinese Communist Party urgently directed newspaper agencies to retreat into secret operations. Along with changes in the national revolution, the revolutionary press in Tonkin has grown rapidly in both quantity and quality and well performed its role of propagating the Party’s guidelines to the masses; orienting and leading the mass movement, etc. The active participation of newspapers from the Central to the localities in Tonkin in the period of 1939-1945 made a great contribution to the August Revolution triumph in 1945.
Author: Tran Thi Thanh Huyen