Economic Social Stratification in Urban (02/07/2013)

In recent years, the living standards of Vietnamese families have achieved remarkable improvements due to great achievements in the progress of industrialization, modernization as well as the economical and social growth of the country. The big gap in living standards, however, of rural and urban families has pictured the social stratification in Vietnam. Social stratification is a structural inequality of all human societies except those primitive ones in the early time of primitive communal society. It is the differentiation of the economic position or the properties owned, of the political position or the power, of the social position or reputation. There are more different criteria such as education, jobs, life styles, fashion, home types, residence, art favorite, and level of consumption. Among those criteria, economy is the basic and foundational one which has ability to determine the rest factors. In this article, the authors focused on analyzing the reality of social stratification’s economy in Vietnamese families on the basic of some following dimensions such as income, labor and careers, expenditure (on daily life, education and medical) of urban and rural households.
Author: Prof.Dr. Nguyen Dinh Tan and MA. Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh

Some Challenges of the Philosophical Study Nowaday (02/07/2013)

The article has discussed about some key challenges of the dialectical relationship between challenges, opportunities and innovation in philosophical study as following: - First issues relate to the nature and origin of the consciousness and awareness due to the modern sciences. - Second issues relate to the criticism, the heritage ability, the creativity of Marx philosophy as well as the suggestive ability in teaching and study today - Third issues relate to the reality of Marx philosophy as well as its development - Fourth issues relate to the effectiveness of philosophical teaching and study.
Author: Dr. Ho Ba Tham

The Prose of Vietnam Contemporary Poetry: the Main Forms of Expression (02/07/2013)

Since the beginning of 20th century, Vietnam poetry has been changing in many aspects. Especially after 1975, the interaction of poems and prose created the types of tools phenomena. The characteristic of prose has been deepened inside the romantic structure and expressed in many forms or aspects of prosody. This article summarized the major forms of prose expression in Vietnam poetry today through following characteristics as the form of prose, language and voices of prose as well as the narrative structure and characters of prose in contemporary poetry.
Author: Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tam