Renewals of Information and Library Activities at Institute of Social Sciences Information since 2011 (15/09/2014)

In recent 4 years, Institute of Social Sciences Information has assigned to the Social Sciences Library as the contact point of all activities related to information and library of whole Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. In particular, they have put their effort to implement the renewals from changing the operation management of library and making breakthroughs by building the electronic and digital libraries as well as issuing such policies as staff training, benefits for library staff so that they could improve the socialization of some library activities. The article presented some important results which Institute of Social Sciences Information achieved during its renewal progress as well as difficulties facing with together some recommendations for next period of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. For example, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences should build the electronic and digital library so that it could achieve the target of Cultural Development Strategy until 2020 of Government based on the model of combining traditional and digital library; renew the training methods and improve the quality of library staff; renew the operation of library following the socialization.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Le Thi Lan

Looking for the Truth from Bai Cat Vang (15/09/2014)

The immense golden sand located in the middle of East Sea is called Hoang Sa chu, Hoang Sa dao, Hoang Sa xu, Van ly Truong Sa by Vietnamese but the most close name is still Bai Cat Vang (Golden Sand) written in Nom character. Author explained and analyzed three Nom words - Bai Cat Vang in the article through its writing style, how it was recorded in books and its origin in history.
Author: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ta Nhi

The Economic Growth Model in Vietnam after Reformation: Achievements and Limitations (15/09/2014)

After reformation, the economic growth model of Vietnam has been a mixed mechanism between market and state in raising, distributing and using resources. In the recent three decades, Vietnam has changed its centralized bureaucracy to new economic growth model and obtained significant achievements. There are, however, many limitations which require to have a better orientation in next period. The article analyzed the achievements and limitations of Vietnam’s economic growth model after reformation through some major aspects as method of raising, distributing, using resources as well as the way to distribute results in order to maintain the expanding reproduction.
Author: Prof. Dr. Truong Ba Thanh and Associate Prof. Dr. Bui Quang Binh