Vietnam Seen from Development Theory (16/08/2015)

Vietnam has a magnanimous tradition as well as a long history of building and defending. However, in the new era of integration and development, many efforts have been made but the development has not achieved the strategic objectives. The achievements or results obtained are not worth for the time, efforts, possessions we have put and the chances we have had. The solution for the development, the growth path for a nation will not be found or answered satisfactorily if we cannot find the position of the nation or do not know where the world is going. The opportunities for Vietnam Communist Party now is to self-renew in terms of thinking, organization to lead the nation into a new era - the era of strengthening and promoting the strength of the whole nation. The nation should be shaped properly in the context of globalization, in line with the rule, upon the people and suitable with the era - those are necessary requirements to achieve prosperity for the nation in the new historical conditions.
Author: Dr. Phan Tan

The Advancement at Work of Female Cadres and Civil Servants (the Case of Tuyen Quang Province) (16/08/2015)

Tuyen Quang is one of the provinces where the number of female delegates of People’s Council, female member of Committees of Party and Ministries at different levels is higher than other provinces in Vietnam. The percentage of women in Committees of Party and Ministries, get admitted to the Party, sent to study to improve the level of expertise, political theory, state management etc., is increasingly growing. The article focuses on analyzing, comparing those percentages between years, periods from 2005 to 2013 to clarify the aforementioned statement. The analysis result also shows some results marking the advancement of female cadres and civil servants in the province while discovers some limitations for females in studying to improve the expertise - one of the foundations for planning and appointing leadership positions. Thereby, the article contributes a few ideas to promote the advancement of female cadres and civil servants effectively.
Author: Do Thi Thanh Huong

From the Traditional to the Market: The Economic Transformation of the Red Dao in Ta Phin Commune, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province (16/08/2015)

In the past few decades, in Vietnam, with the development of small and medium towns in the mountains, the commodity economy in ethnic minority areas have developed rapidly. The formation of the market, especially the economic transformation from a traditional economy to a market economy, has a comprehensive impact on economic life, culture and society of ethnic minorities. Through many years of surveying the economic transformation of the Red Dao in Ta Phin commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province, we want to clarify the process of economic transformation in the mountains, in this case it is targeted for the Red Dao in Ta Phin commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province. On this basis, the article suggests distinct factors as well as the general rules of the increasingly intensive and extensive marketization process of the mountains in Vietnam.
Author: Bui Minh Hao