The Impact of Structure in Asia - Pacific Region (30/09/2020)

Structure is one of the most pivotal exogenous factors affecting states and their relations. Located in the Asia Pacific region, Vietnam is no exception, affected by the regional structure. The paper presents a theoretical basis of structural impacts and examines those in the Asia Pacific region.
Author: Hoang Khac Nam

Developmental State in the World and References for Vietnam (30/09/2020)

The developmental state is a model that has been successfully tested in many countries around the world. Vietnam is transforming its development model, striving to find a state model accorded with the socialist-oriented market economy. Based on secondary literature, the paper clarifies the origins, conceptual connotations, and models of the developmental state in the world, thereby giving some suggestions in accordance with Vietnamese practice.
Author: Nguyen Duc Chien

Characteristics of Religious Life in Vietnam Today (30/09/2020)

Religious life in Vietnam today has experienced changes in various aspects. The paper identifies and indicates common features of change which include the existence of several religious forms; the increasingly stabilized development and legal compliance of religious activities; the hidden complexity and negative factors in the religious life; the rapid growth of some religions in ethnic minority areas; the diverse of new religious movements.
Author: Pham Thu Trang

An Overview of China’s Linglei Literature (30/09/2020)

Works of an alternative type different from China’s mainstream literature are known as “linglei wenxue” (literature of the unconventional) which only blossoms and is considered a literary phenomenon following the emergence of novels by writers born in the 1970s of the 20th century such as Wei Hui, Mian Mian, Jiu Dan, Chun Shu, etc. However, there exist several linglei works that are controversial in the scholarly community both inside and outside China. The paper outlines its formation and development and traces it in ancient and modern literature, as well as learns about the novels of some prominent linglei novelists in Chinese contemporary literature.
Author: Nguyen Thi Hien

“The Spiral of Silence” Formation Mechanism - From Theory to Practice in Ethnic Minority Areas in Vietnam (30/09/2020)

Based on Noelle-Meumann’s “the spiral of silence” theory, the article identifies the silence spiral formation mechanism in ethnic minority areas today. The silence - the fear of speaking out comes from several reasons including that of conflicts with neighbors and unfair treatment, due to the lack of accountability of local officials, etc. Thence, some recommendations are provided to cast off the spiral of silence, partly minimize political and social risk hot spots in ethnic minority regions in Vietnam in the coming time.
Author: Phan Thuan, Tu Thuy Quynh

Characteristics of Sino-Nom Funeral Oration in Binh Dinh Province (30/09/2020)

Based on fieldwork and collection of Sino-Nom funeral oration in Binh Dinh province, the authors provide an initial research outcome on a specific literary genre in Binh Dinh Sino-Nom literature. The findings help affirm unique features of Sino-Nom funeral oration in Binh Dinh literature. As a genre with a ritual function adopting sorrowful tone, the Sino-Nom funeral oration has brought new cultural values into the development process of Binh Dinh literature.
Author: Vo Minh Hai, Nguyen Thi Be

Policies and Practice of Implementing the Marriage and Family Law for Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam-Laos Border Areas (30/09/2020)

The article analyzes several issues relating policy and practice raised in the process of implementing the Law on marriage and family for ethnic minorities in the Vietnam - Laos border area, in which highlighting such aspects as the current situation of cross-border marriage, unregistered cohabitation, and difficulties in marriage registration procedures involving foreign elements. Thereby, it proposes several recommendations to improve the marriage and family policy in border areas.
Author: Hoang Phuong Mai