Hanoi’s Identities with Traces of French Culture and Civilization (20/10/2023)

The historical values of Hanoi since the founding of the capital by Ly Cong Uan are mainly hidden deep in the mind that one can evoke whenever interacting with relics and cultural heritage. But many of Hanoi’s monuments and heritages have now become almost symbols, like physical shells that store the consciousness of many generations. Compared with cultural heritages worldwide including neighboring countries, heritages such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature - Quoc Tu Giam, Nung Mountain, Co Loa Temple and Quan Chuong Gate are mostly “value carrier” of the history with few visual traces of tangible values. Meanwhile, such of the French colony appear to be pretty majestic works that embody lots of tangible values. These include Hanoi’s famous tourist attractions, namely the Trumpet House, Opera House, Hoa Lo Prison, Hang Co Station, Long Bien Bridge, Hanoi Cathedral, Dong Xuan Market, where one can find both tangible and intangible values. Thus, it will be hard to grasp Hanoi’s identities without referring the French culture and civilization that still remain in the urban life therein.
Author: Ho Si Quy

Implementing the Provincial Environmental Protection Index in Centrally-run Cities and Provinces: Case Study of Binh Dinh Province (20/10/2023)

“Indicators” have currently functioned as widespread and effective tools in several fields of production and business as well as in economic and social governance. The set of indicators to evaluate the provincial environmental protection issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in 2019, has initially been deployed simultaneously in provinces and cities. Binh Dinh province is no exception. It has made annual reports to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for evaluation and achieved good results. The paper explores the advantages and challenges in implementing the set of indicators in Binh Dinh province; thereby, it proposes some adjustments for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and improvements for localities in this work.
Author: Nguyen Viet Cuong, Le Thanh Sang

Green Jobs in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges (20/10/2023)

Green jobs have emerged following the concept of green economy as the increasingly serious effects of climate change are evident worldwide. However, there has been no unified interpretation of this term until now. Vietnam is in the economic transition from “brown” to “green”, in which green jobs are one of three contents of Vietnam’s Green Growth Strategy. Based on analysis and synthesis of research by international organizations and the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs in the period from 2011 to present, the paper adopts the definition and approach to green jobs of the International Labor Organization (ILO) combined with secondary data to analyse the current situation of green jobs from the perspective of the overall economy and propose some solutions to improve the rate of green jobs in the coming time.
Author: Doan Thị Thu Huong

Enhance Political Bravery of Local Civil Servants Today according to Ho Chi Minh’s Thought (20/10/2023)

Ho Chi Minh’s thought on the political bravery of officials has profound theoretical and practical significance for the current Party building. In the context of comprehensively and synchronously promoting innovations and deep international integration, Vietnamese officials, especially the ones at local level, must constantly cultivate, train and improve their political skills to fulfil the task requirements. The article delves into and clarifies the basic contents of Ho Chi Minh’s thought on the political bravery of officials and party members, and its application in improving that of local officials today.
Author: Dinh Thi Thuy Hai

The Doctor of Jurisprudence Thesis in 1936 Influenced his Judicial Career of Chief Justice Pham Van Bach (20/10/2023)

Pham Van Bach, an Indochinese student in France, successfully defended a doctoral thesis with his theories that “no student dared to think of” in the host country during that time. However, the question lies in the fact whether the thesis could be applied in the native country. Doctor of Jurisprudence Pham Van Bach pioneered such an experimental process, to test and bring the thesis’s ideas and results into practice in Vietnam’s judiciary from then on.
Author: Bui Thi Ha

Solutions to Attract Customers of Real Estate Businesses: Case Study of Thang Long Vietnam Housing and Urban Development Group (20/10/2023)

For business operation, customers are the ones who determine the success or failure of a business, which makes attracting customers always a top concern. The paper analyzes the current situation of attracting customers of real estate businesses through a case study of Thang Long Vietnam Housing and Urban Development Group, thereby providing directions and solutions to promote their strategy to attract customers in the coming time.
Author: Nguyen Van Duc

Employment in Localities in the Central Coast: Current Situation and Solutions (20/10/2023)

Creating jobs and maintaining household livelihoods are ways to stabilize people’s lives in the face of natural disasters, socio-economic transformation in coastal localities in the Central region. This research uses sociological survey sample of people and managers in communes and wards, and analyses reports of public agencies, departments and people’s committees of coastal communes and wards in the three provinces including Quang Binh, Quang Nam and Phu Yen. The analysis results show that employment instability, untrained and unskilled workers are challenges in career change due to labor market fluctuations. Thereby, the article proposes solutions to increase the effectiveness of job creation, improve professional skills and connect the labor market.
Author: Nguyen Thi Thanh Xuyen, Luong Tinh, Hoang Thi Thu Huong, Vu Thi Ngoc