About the “Asian Century” (02/07/2013)

This article examines the comments, reviews the development of the Asia revolves around the concept of "Asian miracle", "the Asian century" and "Pacific century". By analyzing the role of China, the United States in the region as well as “jamming” of its superpower ambitions in the East Sea, the author concluded: The Asian Century is not an unrealistic concept. In the 21st century, China, East Asia and South East Asia will continue to grow and become more prosperous. The East Sea may be an obstacle to becoming a superpower, but if strategists are able to avoid war, then the Asian Century will become true. The Pacific Century is also a real concept, reflecting the volatility and complexity of geopolitics in this region. The practical impacts on implementing this strategy have implication to the concept of Asian Century. The East Sea plays a growing political role all around the world. It will serve as the “training grounds” for various opinions, strategies, methods (including tricks), and attitudes (including compromises)… in relation to all aspects of the economy, politics, military, diplomacy of affected countries, in particular those countries that are directly affected. To realize the concept of Pacific Century, the US will certainly consolidate its presence in the East Sea. As a result, America’s inherent strength needs to grow yet greater in order to compete strategically. Therefore, America cannot fade away just yet, and so the West cannot meet its demise. And indeed, many countries can still gain invaluable knowledge from the West. Social progress is a law of nature. Hence, despite there being numerous obstacles and dogmatic views, the 21st century seems to be promising for Asia and for all of mankind.
Author: Prof.Dr. Ho Si Quy

Impacts of Modernism on Vietnamese Art and Literature (02/07/2013)

The culture of Vietnam has been deeply affected by Western culture, particularly by France with the establishment of French colonial apparatus in Indochina since the early of the 20th century. Among achievements of the advanced global literature and art, the modernism was spread and developed in Vietnam. The article has exploited the impacts of modernism on Vietnam’s art and literature, especially some fields as following: architecture, visual art and literature. Some conclusions were made such as: the Vietnamese Contemporary art and literature is going in a right way as international integrated. The modern movements of Western art are not unfamiliar with Vietnamese art and literature, and this is also not against any rules or something needs to be worried.
Author: Asst.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Dan

Compulsory Land Acquisition and Voluntary Land Conversion in Vietnam: the Conceptual Approach, Land Valuation and Grievance Redress Mechanisms (02/07/2013)

This publication is the product of a multi-year cluster analytical and advisory work on social and land conflict management of the World Bank office in Hanoi, which aimed to assist Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) to improve the land acquisition and conversion process to achieve more sustainable development during the current rapid urbanization and industrialization process. There are three reports explained in this study as: the policy note on improving land acquisition and voluntary land conversion in Vietnam; the study on land valuation mechanisms for compensation, support and resettlement in Vietnam; and the study on improving the system for resolving complaints on compensation, support and resettlement in Vietnam. The objective of the study was to assess the issues relating to involuntary and voluntary land conversion in the current laws and policies, and the implementation of these laws, and to propose improvements to be considered in the preparation of the law on amendments and supplementations of the Land Law scheduled to be placed before the National Assembly in 2013.
Author: Summarized from the research made by World Bank, 2012