“Administrationization” of Higher Education in China (31/10/2013)

The article analyzed two hot topics of higher education in China currently. They are administrationization of higher education and authority standard. The increase of administrative positions in higher education as well as the fake officials have led to the nature changes of university, also denying the position of teacher and academy. These issues can be considered as the direct linkage to fate of Chinese future universities and the real value of national academy.
Author: Prof. Dr. Ho Si Quy (summarized)

Sociology of Knowledge in J. F. Lyotard’s “The Post Modern Conditions” (31/10/2013)

Jean Francois Lyotard (1924-1998) is a French philosopher, sociologist and literary theorist. There is only one of his thirty works named "La Condition Postmoderne" (written in 1979) translated and published in Vietnamese. Its Vietnamese tittle is “Postmodern Conditions” which was published with total 235 pages by Knowledge Publisher in 2007. Lyotard wrote this work from the viewpoint of an interdisciplinary expert. He, however, had great contribution to the social studies’s growth not ony in postmodern conditions but also in other conditions of huaman society. Author has pointed out J. F. Lyotard’s contributions from the knowledge perspective of sociology in "Postmodern Conditions", for example: Object, assumption and research method, social function of intellectuals as well as the changes of scientific intellectuals’ position.
Author: Prof. Dr. Le Ngoc Hung

Press’ Role in Preventing and Limiting Rumors (31/10/2013)

As a social life phenomenum in the growth of advanced media, rumors have been spread fast and widely even those rumors are for verification or negative purposes. Press plays an important role in limiting bad impacts of rumor due to its honest and objective nature. Author, however, suggested that press can only do its orientation for society well when they are provided accurate, completed and official information from relevant objects. Also, the better cooperation between press units will facilitate to cool down and wipe out negative rumors in information campaign. It is also essential to avoid the trend of complicating information due to complains and agreement about a sensitive issue or those issues closely related to public daily life. This will increase the responsibility of press and reporters in limiting and wiping out bad impacts of rumors.
Author: Dr. Do Chi Nghia