Evidences to Argue for the Idea of “Marxism - Leninism is Suitable in the 19th Century or at Best Only in the 20th Century, and is No Longer Applicable in the 21st Century” (22/10/2014)

From spirit to method, Marxism - Leninism is always consistent with the practical and developing ideas. It is an open and dynamic system. Because of the organic unity between dialectical materialism and materialist dialectic, Marxism - Leninism is always added and developed as well as absorbed into its the new theoretical achievements , and even refreshes theories to fit with the reality. Therefore, the democratic dialogues and cultural tolerance are intrinsic properties under the nature of Marxism - Leninism as a scientific and revolutionary theory. In this article, the author has essentially analyzed the results of historical and theoretical researches on Marxism - Leninism over the last decades; confirmed sustainable values of Marxism - Leninism which have been proved through historical practices. It itself has denied the wrong ideas, distorted views or Marxism - Leninism’s deny.
Author: Prof. Dr. Hoang Chi Bao

The Premises of Nom Poems by Trinh Dynasty’s Kings (22/10/2014)

According to the research experiences on the authors, literatures or composing types, the article presented the general premises which are the foundation and have significant influences on Nom poems by Trinh Dynasty’s Kings. The author has selected the most three important issues by a certain order based on the above orientation. They are historical - social foundation, culture - literature with the issues of composing times; background and writing career of Kings of Trinh Dynasty with the issue of composing subject and their ideas of poems with the issues of composing concept.
Author: MA. Nguyen Manh Hoang

Some Adjustments in the Economic Growth Strategy which is Based on Exportation in East Asia (22/10/2014)

After 5 years of crisis, the exportation of East Asia has not had any positive signals despite of the global economy’s gradual recovery. This pointed out the high vulnerability of growth strategy which is based on exportation. It also proved that this policy is no longer effective and sustainable for the growth. Everything has changed. The current circumstances of world economy, the opportunities as well as challenges from crisis which East Asia region has faced with, required this economy to adjust for a more sustainable growth and balance. The article pointed out some experiences for adjusting the growth strategy which is based on exportation of East Asian countries as well as suggestions for policies of Vietnam.
Author: MA. Nguyen Hong Thu